Issue 2 and Volume 1895 18.

THE BALL NOZZLE. This popular appliance still gains in the estimation of firemen as a good tool for fire fighting. A large number of orders and inquiries are being received daily by The American Ball Nozzle Company for these excellent nozzles, and it looks now as if every department in the country will be equipped with them. The New London, Conn., Day says; “This city has adopted the ball nozzle, and is equipping the department with them. At the conclusion of a test recently given here, the sparks from the engine set fire to an awning in front of a store close by. The sidewalk underneath the awning was filled with goods, hammocks, and other inflammable material. The ball nozzle was put on the hose again and turned on the fire, and extinguished tbe fire in a jiffy without deluging the place.” Chief Wilson of Catskill, N. Y., has also…

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