Issue 2 and Volume 1895 18.

FIRE AND WATER THERE are two important questions which must confront engineers of water works construction, namely, filtration and meterage. It is apparent to every one, that, as urban districts become more thickly populated, the sources of water supply become contaminated; consequently, the reconstruction of works or a system of filtration becomes an absolute necessity. The consideration as to the cost and efficiency of the proposed change then comes to the front. It has been demonstrated by the process of filtration at Atlanta, Ga., that for cities of its size, good results can be obtained from a mechanical filter plant. The water of the river at that place, before entering the filter, is of an exceedingly muddy character, but after passing through it becomes perfectly clear, all discoloration having been removed. There is no doubt that a large percentage of the impurities of the water is also removed by this…

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