Issue 2 and Volume 1895 18.

MISCELLANEOUS No single treatise or other work hitherto published on the India rubber industry gives an insight into such a variety of uses of this important material as does the new “Descriptive Catalogue and Price List of the N. Y. Belting & Packing Co., Ltd.,” a bound volume of 100 pages. FIRE AND WATER has more than once noted the growing value of the trade catalogues of manufacturers as a part of the industrial and scientific literature of the day, and it seems that these are to take the place largely of regulation books, such as issue through the publishing houses in relation to many branches of industry. This style of catalogue is u distinct departure from others, in that it combines the artistic with the practical. The commonplace and somewhat monotonous trade catalogue is enlivened by sketches and descriptions that, in a pleasing way, convey an idea of the…

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