Issue 2 and Volume 1895 18.

WATER SUPPLY After four years of agitation Kearney is now in sight of a pure water supply. Last week the township committee accepted the bid of the East Jersey Water Company to furnish a sufficient quantity of pure water, according to specifications, at $00 per million gallons, for the period of ten, fifteen, or twenty-five years. At the special meeting of the tax payers of the village of Dundee, recently held, to vote on the water works question, 157 ballots were cast, of which 76 were for water works and 81 against. J. H. Fairbanks of Winchendon,Mass., will give land and right of way for a stand pipe on one part of Ids property and a small pumping station at Prentiss Meadow. The wells are capable of furnishing 200,000 gallons of the very best water daily. lie stipulates that tlie stand pipe shall be sixty-five feet high; that the cost…

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