Issue 4 and Volume 1895 18.

WELLS Each of the three school buildings at Appleton, Wis., will have an artesian well drilled to supply the scholars with pure water. Unionville, N. Y., has had a great strike. It suffered from the lack of a proper water supply,and not long since a well was sunk to a depth of 600 feet with nothing to show for the expenditure of several thousand dollars. A new venture was made at another point not far offhand five 2-inch pipes were driven to a depth of only tliirty feet., when water was found in such abundance that it flowed above the tops of the pipes. The flow from each of the pipes is about twenty gallons a minute, and the water is of the finest quality and of a temperature of about forty-eight degrees. A basin has been dug into which the water flows, and from this it is pumped into…

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