Issue 4 and Volume 1895 18.

THE MINNEAPOLIS HORROR REPEATED. As was briefly noticed in FIRE AND WATER last week, a fire broke out in the store of Hermesch & Co. at Water and Walnut streets, Cincinnati, O., which caused sad loss of life and grave personal injury to some members of the fire department. The scene of the disaster was in the main part of the shipping quarter, and the fatalities were caused by the falling of the walls of the burning building. The block destroyed lies at Front and Water streets, where during the fire some harrowing and pathetic scenes were witnessed. The conflagration lasted from early in the afternoon till late at night, and how it originated no one knew. It burst forth from the second story of the building, and was probably caused by a cigar stub having been carelessly thrown on the floor which was covered with loose hay. In ten…

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