Issue 4 and Volume 1895 18.

ALLEGHENY CITY’S SEWER. Allegheny’s big Wood’s Run sewer is at last nearly completed. It is the largest in Western Pennsylvania and drains a territory estimated at 1,000 acres. The sewer empties into the Ohio River at the foot of Wilkins street. The digging has all been done; the last foundation has been laid, and the last piece of arching is under way. The sewer is 4,365 feet in length. At the mouth it has a diameter of twelve feet, and at Brighton road, of eight feet. It has an average depth of twenty-two feet to the flow-line. Tbe fall between Brighton road and the mouth at the foot of Wilkins street is sixt y feet. Its foundation is of Ligonier stone, laid in Portland cement. On the top of this stone are laid courses of vitrified brick, extending half way up. The upper part of the sewer, including the arch,…

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