Issue 4 and Volume 1895 18.

NEW YORK CITY’S FIRE DEPARTMENT. THE annual report of the operations and actions of the fire department of this city for the quarter ending December 31, 1894, has been published. The following particulars will be found of interest. The personnel at headquarters consists of 8 commissioners, 1 secretary and 1 assistant secretary, 4 medical officers, 8 bookkeepers and clerks,1 stenographer, 1 super intendent of supplies, with Janitor and other employees, bringing the total up to 29. In the bureau of the chief of the department are the following active uniformed ein. ployees: Chief and deputies, 8; chiefs of battalions, 11; foremen, 82; assistant foremen, 95; engineers of steamers, 186; firemen, 1st grade, 610, 2nd grade, 47, 8rd grade, 98— total, 768—grand total, 1090; active uniformed firemen on probation, 16; on fire-boats pilots, 4 ; engineers, 4; stokers, 11. Add to these 112 uniformed men relieved from active service, and the…

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