Issue 4 and Volume 1895 18.

PORTLAND. ORE. The fire department of Portland, Ore., consists of a chief engineer, Jos. Buchtel, an assistant chief, two district engineers, one secretary, one superiutendent of fire alarm telegraphs, one fire alarm repair man, one supply driver, fifty-six men to man seven steam fire engines, twenty-three men to man four hose companies, nine men to man three chemical engines, and fifty men for five hook and ladder truck companies. It has fifty-nine horses in use, with three steam fire engines and one hose wagon in reserve. The paid department is supplemented by five volunteer Companies, with five reels and 3,600 feet of hose among them. There have been added to the equipment of the department during the last year: One Champion chemical engine double, sixty gallon; twelve hose protectors; three Bangor ladders, fifty and fifty-five feet extension; four full sets of iron door openers and life ropes; five headlights for…

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