Issue 4 and Volume 1895 18.

THE BALL NOZZLE AGAIN. We have mentioned recently in the columns of FIRE AND WATER that the American Ball Nozzle Company was progressing in a remarkably rapid manner with its patent nozzle. In addition to the information already published, we are pleased to state that the fire commissioners of this city have adopted the appliance. This action was taken by the commissioners after witnessing many tests of the nozzle, and Chief Bonner had reported that he was satisfied with the results. The nozzle has been on trial with the firemen of New York for several months, and the chief is now convinced that its value is established beyond a doubt. Several buildings were reported to Chief Bonner as having been saved by its timely use, and in one particular case, namely,the fire at the Clarendon Hotel,the hall nozzle proved particularly effective. The fire was in the air chamber, and the…

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