Issue 6 and Volume 1895 18.

LONG AGO FIRE FIGHTERS. On examination of the earliest records, it will be found that New York had the first fire company that was organized in this country. The earlier settlers paid no attention towards protecting themselves against fire,and the different colonies had grown into fair-sized communities, with several industries well established, before any steps were taken in that direction. About the earliest mention of a definite method of fire protection was made at Salem, Mass., in 1644, when each inhabitant was ordered to be supplied with a ladder, under penalty of a fine of 5s. In 1648 four fire wardens were appointed in New York city, These men passed a law to fine every one whose chimney became foul or whose house was burned by his own carelessness. The money so obtained was to be used in the purchase of ladders, hooks, and buckets. These were not provided, however,…

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