Issue 6 and Volume 1895 18.

CORRESPONDENCE. THE NORTHAMPTON, MASS., FIRE DEPARTMENT. To the EDITOR :- In a recent article in the Boston Globe in regard to the fire department of Northampton, suggested by its management of late fires, the public are given to understand that the fire department of this city is inefficient, and, consequently, the insurance rates are to be increased. In your issue of July 27 you say that “owing to the alleged inefficiency of the fire department of Northampton, Mass., the insurance rates have gone up fifty per cent,” and that “several insurance offices have closed up their agencies, and will do no further business.” While there have beeu a very large number of both accidental and incendiary fires in this city, and there is no question that insurance losses have been greatly in excess of what they should be in a city of this size, it cannot lie truthfully stated that…

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