Issue 7 and Volume 1895 18.

A BALTIMORE IMPROVEMENT. The home of the Fire Insurance Salvage Corps, at the southeast corner of Fayette and Liberty streets,Baltimore, is about to be remodeled and greatly improved. As the building now stands, the movements of the department are retarded, the entrance not being sufficiently large to allow two wagons to pass at once. The rear exit on Sharp street alley must be occasionally used, and this street is often blocked by heavy wagons, delaying the department wagons. To remedy all this, the front wall will betomdown and a new one, of Pompeian brick with terra-cotta trimmings, put up. An additional story will also be placed on the front. The room will also be enlarged five feet, as the new wall will be that distance f arther out than the old one. A feature of the building will be an immense archway, in the rear of which will be large…

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