Issue 10 and Volume 1895 18.

BROOKLYN’S WATER SUPPLY. THE best way to supply Brooklyn with water seems to be the problem of the future. From the annual report of the engineer of water supply for 1894, the average daily consumption of the city is 76,231,350,against 75,876,741 gallons daily in 1893, the maximum daily consumption in winter being 85,483,673 and in summer 85,256,947, the maximum daily average for one month (July) amounting to 80,234,380 gallons. The abnormal sever, ity of the dry season in 1894 taxed to the uttermost the resources of the department. The shortage in the supply was as steady and exhausting as it was unprecedented,aver, aging through April, May, and June nearly 5,000,000 gallons per day, and from August 19 to 31, as much as 7.045,000 gallons daily. This led to such heavy drafts on the Hempstead reservoir and all the supply ponds as to cause their exhaustion early in the season, and…

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