Issue 10 and Volume 1895 18.

FIRE CHIEFS’ CONVENTION AT AUGUSTA. The following topics will be read and discussed at the forthcoming convention of fire chiefs to beheld at Augusta, Ga., on October 7, 8,9, 10. Topic I.—1st—What are the proper functions of an international gathering of fire chiefs? 2nd—Are its functions to be accomplished by the reading of papers on special subjects, and by vote ordered printed in its records? 3rd—Does the reading and printing of these papers warrant the expenditure of timeand money in attendance? 4th—As now conducted, are they a means to the end in the building up of knowledge in principles of a wider application; or dwarfed by simply focusing them at a given point? Topic II.—Answer the following questions and state the remedy: 1st—J.s the terrible and frequent loss of brave men to be attributed to the faulty construction of buildings? 2nd—Is it owing to recklessness of firemen themselves, in their…

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