Issue 10 and Volume 1895 18.

WELLS At New Berne, N. C., another new well has been finished for the water works company. The first one was 93 feet deep, the last 95. Both wells have been subjected to severs tests by the Bilsby steam fire engine, pumping on one with full power for an hour and on the other an hour and a half,taking out hundreds of gallons every minute without affecting the supply at all. The second well put down by the water committee in the village of LeRoy for a test and with a view to finding a permanent supply of water for the village is now producing 80,000 gallons of water in twenty-four hours. At Utica, N. Y., the water in several of the wells has been polluted with sewage and organic matter. One in which typhoid bacilli were discovered has been entirely closed. Another in which malarial bacilli were found has…

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