Issue 11 and Volume 1895 18.

THE BADER PATENT SMOKE PROTECTOR. The Bader Patent Fireman’s Hmoke Protector manufactured by the Vagen & Bader Company, of 88 North Penn street,Indianapolis, Ind., consists of a well-formed helmet, which is placed over the head and face, constructed of a special asbestos tanned leather, or asbestos cloth, whereby it is rendered proof against fire, heat, steam, boiling water, and all poisonous pervading aeriform fluids; the helmet sets down close upon the shoulders and is held firmly by two straps under the arms. The wearer is supplied with fresh air from a scientifically constructed metal reservoir located at the back of the helmet, with a capacity of 100 pounds pressure of compressed air, always rendered pure by a certain material used for the purpose. The amount of air in store can always be seen upon the gage attached to the reservoir, which is easily charged by a special air pump in…

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