Issue 14 and Volume 1895 18.

HOW GREAT BRITAIN DISPOSES OF SEWAGE For the performance of the task of the disposal of sewage and supplying their citizens with wholesome wafer— a legitimate municipal function—British cities have succeeded admirably and stand out in bold contrast against such cities as Philadelphia and St. Louis, whose water is abominable and unfit to drink unless boiled—hardly drinkable then. These cities apparently cannot follow the example of Boston, which will soon obtain its water from Nashua, a distance of forty miles, or, like Chicago, build a huge drainage canal to the Mississippi to rid themselves of their sewage. Yet. surely, it would not be un-American to copy European methods in such a matter. in some of these British cities what seemed at first sight to be almost insuperable difficulties have been overcome and the desired result achieved. In Glasgow, for instance, the problem was most difficult, for although its water is…

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