Issue 15 and Volume 1895 18.

WELLS Argentine, Kas., is rejoicing over its having secured a supply of clear, cold, “real” water from a big well, 30 feet deep. The supply is secured from a levee below that of the river bed, and consequently the semi-liquid stuff from the Kaw river, which has a shade more body to it than the Missouri’s so-called water, will no longer be used. Spencer, Ind., has sunk another artesian well on the public square, to the depth of 100 feet, and found a fine flow of water. The water is flowing out, filling a 5 inch pipe. They have begun drilling another James Roy and Co., of Albany, N.Y.. are making great improvements at their woolen mill in West Troy. They intend to have their own water works system and not depend upon the West Troy water works company which furnishes an inadequate supply. A well has been dug on…

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