Issue 15 and Volume 1895 18.

WHO OWNS THE RIVERS? Says the Kansas City, Mo.,“Star:” An interesting question is likely to arise in connection with the irrigation boom. It is: Who owns the rivers? In the irrigation congress at Albuquerque a Mexican gentleman discussed the appropriation of the Rio Grande by the Americans. Once, he stated, the Rio Grande was navigable from its mouth to El Paso; now, owing to the abstraction of the water by the up-river irrigationists the lower Rio Grande is no longer a navigable stream, and is scarcely a river at all. This is a pitiful fate for a stream forming the boundary between nations—the Rio Grande, (the Great River). Similar complaints have arisen nearer home. It has been extensively published of late that the failure of the ” Soule Ditch,” an extensive irrigation enterprise in Western Kansas, was caused by the absorption of the w ater of the Arkansas river by…

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