Issue 15 and Volume 1895 18.

FIRE PROTECTION AT SYRACUSE. N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y., is one of the three cities in the United States where the rates for insurance have not been raised. The statistics of its means of fire protection show that it is better off than the majority of places. By November 1, at the latest there will be 130 miles of water pipes in the city as against only forty-eight in 1891, with sixteen hydrants to every mile of pipe, which is a remarkable showing, no other city in the country being so well fixed in this very important matter of number of hydrants to the mile of pipe and to the 1,000 of population. The following figures show the number of hydrants to the mile in other cities: New Orleans, La., 13.9; New fork, 13.8; Allegheny, Pa., 12 4; Minneapolis, Minn.. 2; Cleveland, 0..11.4; Brooklyn, N. Y., 10.5; Rochester, !4. Y.,…

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