Issue 15 and Volume 1895 18.

OUR BOSTON LETTER. [Special Correspondence of FIRE AND WATER.] Boston, Oct. 9, 1895. The $150,000 fire in Pawtucket, R. I., and the much larger one in the Warren Mills take nearly a million dollars out of the Factory mutual insurance companies and there is much consequent murmuring thereat. The fire department is having one company equipped with a full complement of electric hose, the design of which is to make the man at the pipe to have instantuneous communication with the engine-man, with a code of signals that will convey a call for water or any other information that it may be desirable to send back from the seat of the fire to the engine. This device has had an exhaustive service of tests both here and in New York, and the press of both cities have spoken very highly of it. Its promoters have brought it up from very…

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