Issue 15 and Volume 1895 18.

A FREE WATER CITY. Monrovia, Cal., enjoys a freewater system—one neither owned nor controled by a corporation, which gives the consumer water absolutely free both for domestic use and for irrigation. The city owns some 1,700 acres of water-bearing land lying back and adjacent to it, acquired through the sale of municipal bonds several years ago. An election was held last year for the purpose of voting an issue of bonds to the amount of $40,000 the money to be used in developing the water on the city’s acres. The proposition was carried without one dissenting vote. Bonds were issued and sold at a premium exceeding $500, while other cities at the same period could sell their bondsonly at par, and then had to deduct commissions paid therefrom. To obtain the water supply nine tunnels have been driven into the Sierra Madre mountains, whose aggregate depth now exceeds 2,5(H) feet.…

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