Issue 15 and Volume 1895 18.

FIRE NEWS Philadelphia is being fire-swept at present. On October 5 the planing mill, sash and door factory, and lumber yard of Rufus R. Thomas A Co. at Nineteenth street and Washington avenue was burned. The long drought bad thoroughly dried the lumber, which, together with the inflammable contents of the mill itself, caused the fire to have it pretty much its own way, and all the firemen could do was to try to save the adjacent property. It took four hours of hard fighting before the flames were even under control. The plant occupied almost the entire biock between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets, Washington avenue and League street, which was simply a seething mass of flames. The mill building which was about 150x 2U0 feet, was filled with dry woods in various stages of manufacture, and the heat became so intense that the police and firemen were driven back,…

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