Issue 17 and Volume 1895 18.

PUMPING ENGINES The city of Providence, R. I., recently contracted with the Holly Manufacturing Company of Lock port, N. Y., for one of its improved horizontal high duty crank and fly wheel pumping engines of 5,000.000 gallons daily capacity to take the place of the Corliss engine erected some twenty years ago at Mount Hope high service pumping station. At Lansingburgh.N.Y.,the new water pump and boiler purchased by the water board, have been set up and are in full operation. The pump has a capacity of 700,000 gallons a day. At Waterford, N. Y., the pumping capacity of the water works is to be tripled by the addition of a new pump and condenser. The new compound pump will be of high pressure with 12-inch cylinders, and low pressure 17 inch cylinders will be added. The water plungers will be 11-inch, length of stroke 15-inch. The capacity of the new…

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