Issue 17 and Volume 1895 18.

PATENTS. Hand fire engine.— Atkinson & Miller, Louisville, Ky.— It consists of a watet reservoir, a series of pump cylinders therein having induction valves, hollow valved piston, leads, and hollow piston rods, a receiving pipe having communication with all of said piston rods and an air chamber in an exit pipe. Hose coupling—H. F. Noyes, Elgin, Ill. Fire alarm—E. A. Hpeer, Toledo,Ohio. Water heater and purifier -J. T. Rudd, Buffalo,NY. It, has a heater having an inlet, an outlet and blow-off pipe having, a valve, a steam supply pipe connected with Jic heater a clearing, and flushing pipe leading from the iteam supply pipe to the heater, and an automatic valve n cleaning pipe. Fire escape—P. J. Oates, W. New Brighton, N. Y.—It s a bracket comprising a sectional arm, provided with a 100k. and a sectional brace provided with an adjustable lut-spike. Fire escape—F. M. Quinn, Astoria, Ore. it…

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