Issue 17 and Volume 1895 18.

FIRE NEWS Damage to the amount of $20,000. fully insured, was done in Harlem, this city, by a “three-alarm” fire that broke out at 1.30 o’clock P. M., in the lumber yard of Rapp & Johnson, which occupies both sides of First avenue from One Hundred and Twenty-fifth street to One Hundred and Twenty-seventh street. The fire leaping from pile to pile of the lumber caused a heat so intense as to endanger not only all that was in the yard, but also the neighboring property. Fifteen horses in a stable in the yard were rescued with difficulty. The firemen worked with such vigor that they succeeded in half an hour in checking the spread of the flames and in confining them to a Hpace about 100 feet square at the corner of One Hundred and Twenty-sixth street and First avenue. The lumber in the yard was valued at $500,000.…

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