Issue 17 and Volume 1895 18.

SEWERAGE Farmington, Me., like all progressive towns, is not content with its water works. It is going in for a sewer system as a necessary consequence. It looks upon such an improvement not as a luxury but as a necessity. The mayor of Kingston, N. Y., has vetoed the sewer contract. He looks upon it as unjustly awarded, and further, with the specifications ambiguously stated. He says new bids should be advertised for. The Mississippi, the “ Father of waters” is now condemned as a huge sewer which poisons the air as it moves along and deposits typhoid germs in those who drink its waters! The refuse amounts to 250,000 tons, not counting the carcasses of tlie unnumbered dead that befoul its current. Wiiat will it be after it has become tlie recipient of the sewage of Chicago? New Fait/., N. Y., is afflicted with a typhoid epidemic, due probably…

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