Issue 17 and Volume 1895 18.

FIRE AND WATER WE quite agree with our contemporary the “Jewish Messenger,” that the New York firebugs already arrested or held under indictment are, almost without exception, “recent importations”-by which last phrase our contemporary means immigrants who have recently landed in this country, all of them, we believe. from Russia-so far as appearances go, all the incriminated firebugs without exception are Rus sians. There have been from twelve to fourteen of these miscreants operating in this city and vicinity, of whom eight are under indictment: two are fugitives from justice; three of theni havc turned informers, and one, Schoenholz, has received the righteous sentence of forty-eight years’ imprisonment_in his case, virtually a con (lemnation to a life imprisonment. 1’hat there was a firebug federation is clear; but whether or not the gang has been utterly broken up is not so evident-indeed, suspicious fires in this city during this week would…

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