Issue 17 and Volume 1895 18.

THE MAXIM FIRE ALARM & EXTINGUISHER CO. A new device has been patented by the Maxim Fire Alarm & Extinguisher Company, of Norfolk, Va. It provides an Indicator which acts promply, when the temperature of the room has reached a predetermined point. The apparatus is simple, and it is claimed is reliable and automatic in its action. Unlike other auxiliary fire alarms, this device is worked with a thermostat and magnet, the latter being connected electrically with the former, and the magnet armature is at once affected by the heat and automatically opens a lock, which allows a weight to descend, thus creating the alarm. The accompanying illustration (Fig. A) shows the Maxim Automatic Fire Alarm when used with the single call system. The action of heat in the room on bar “ A causes the arm “ B” to swing and brings contact ’*0” against “ I) ”, thus…

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