Issue 18 and Volume 1895 18.

SEWERAGE Bennington, Vt., has laid since the beginning of the season 4,656 feet of sewer pipe and connections varying from 5 to 8-inch. During the year 243 connections have been made. The New Orleans “Picayune” doesn’t so much object to the Mississippi becoming a huge sewer; what it kicks at is the scarcity of water. Itsays: “After accepting the filth of all the other cities on the banks of the great river, that of Chicago, it is presumed,cannot make the water any worse; but the greatest trouble with the people of this city is to get any water at all. They do not gag at the tilth when it is so difficult to secure enough of the muddy fluid to wet the dust in their throats. One of the wonders of the world is that the city of New Orleans, with one of the earth’s greatest rivers at its doors,…

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