Issue 18 and Volume 1895 18.

MECHANIC FALLS, ME., AND ITS WATER WORKS. The inhabitants of Mechanic Falls, Me., lately indulged in a prolonged controversy over the question of the advisability of water works. They have now changed their tone, owing to a lucky strike of flowing wells which supply most excellent water in apparently inexhaustible quantities. The system is unlike any other in the state. After some prospecting a well was drilled to a depth of some fifty feet, in a favorable location within convenient distance of the village. After penetrating strata of clay and gravel the drill struck a solid bottom of ledge, and work stopped. The flow of the water was so copious that a stream of water straightway commenced to bubble out of the mouth of tins well and continued without cessation. Seventeen other wells have been driven to a like depth, all in the neighborhood of the first. Water has been…

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