Issue 18 and Volume 1895 18.

A TOUR ABROAD. COLONEL JAMg^ P. DONAHUE VISITS THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE OLD WORLD IN SEARCH OF WATER WORKS INFORMATION. It is seldom in the rush of business nowadays that a man can put on his hat, arrange with his banker for a liberal series of drafts, and, closing his desk, bid good-bye to the monotony of office routine work for such a period as twelve months. The exhilarating pleasure of an ocean trip, provided always that old Neptune is not very unkind, prepares one for the endless variety and continuous chain of land and water scenes and incidents which are to be found on reaching terra firma in the Old World. It is not such a surprise after all that greets the eye at the first view of the landing place. So much intercourse has been carried on between the peoples of the two hemispheres of late years…

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