Issue 18 and Volume 1895 18.

PRINCIPAL FIRES OF THE WEEK. Note—The letter I represents insurance, and L, Loss, Numerals thousands of dollars. BUSINESS AND DWELLINGS, Ceres, N. Y. L, $30. WORKS, Dunkirk, N. Y.; Dunkirk Wagon Works. L, $35; I, $20. FACTORY, Dunkirk, N.Y.; the Mulholland Spring and Gear Company. L,$35: I,$20. GRAIN RLEVATOR, Heyworth, Ill.; J. L. Humphrey. L, $40. FORESTS, Egg Harbor City, N. J.; H. Look. L, $100. BUSINESS AND DWELLINGS, Housatonic, Mass. L, $40. WORKS, Chicago, 111., Northwestern Fertilizing Company. L, $150. MILLS, New Orleans, 1-a.; the National Rice Mill. L, $500. MILLS, Atlanta, Ga ; Wellhouse & Sons. I., $20; I, 16. FACTORY, Leominster, Mass.. Richardson Piano Company. L, $50; I, $30. BUSINESS AND DWELLINGS, Creede, Colo. L, $150,; I, $40. FACTORY, Philadelphia, Pa. R. W. P. Goff, $18 Bainbridge street. L, $20. BUSINESS AND DWELLINGS, Fairchild, Wis. I.. $75. MILL, Bigstone Gap, Va.; J. L. Moore. L, $10. CANNERY,…

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