Issue 20 and Volume 1895 18.

PATENTS. List of patents relating to fire and water reported fo this paper by Wm, N. Moore, Patent Attorney, Washington, D. C. Pressure regulating valve—C. L. Bastian, Chicago, Ill. Filtering apparatus—J. R. C. Krohnke, Hamburg, Germany—It consists of a revoluble casing divided into inlet and outlet chambers and an intermediate filtering chamber provided with tubular journals, said journals communicating with said inlet and outlet chambers, said chamber filled with a filtering material, and valve purge pipes for the inlet chambers in combination with solid bodies loosely contained in the filtering chambers. Water closet—F. A. Wells, New York, N. Y.—It has a supply horn, a bowl ventilating chamber below the horn having a grip connection with the horn and howl, and a vent connection with said ventilating chamber. Regulating sprayer or sprinkler—J. L. W. Merrill, Kansas City, Mo. Automatic sprinkler and system.—C. E. Buell, North Plainfield, N. J.—It consists of a…

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