Issue 21 and Volume 1895 18.

DISAPPEARANCE OF THE WESTERN LAKE OME years ago, when the rainfall began to increase on the eastern edge of the arid district, near the one-hundredth meridian, in the Northwest, it was set down to the fact of the farmers moving westward in Nebraska and Kansas and thereby inducing a larger rainfall by their operations, and causing the boundary of the arid regions to be passed back towards the mountains. This theory was apparently temporarily upheld by statistics till the supply of moisture decreased, whereby hundreds of farms and promising new towns, which had been in full blast, were abandoned In the very regions where conditions seemed to have become permanently more favorable to agriculture. An Inquiry recently made in Minnesota and the Dakotas concerning the lakes of those states shows that cultivation of tho soil, while exerting directly no perceptible influence upon rainfall, has been one of the causes of…

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