Issue 21 and Volume 1895 18.

CORRESPONDENCE. FIREPROOF BUILDINGS. To the EDITOR: The word fireproof is misleading, it may really be called a misnomer. An absolutely fireproof building there cannot be—at least science so far has not evolved one. Even one that is partially so is in the same catalogue. The nearest approach to such a thing is to be found in the oaken beamed, solid brick buildings, often only oak and plaster, of the past. These, however, never set up to be fireproof; their materials were slow burning, not apt to crack and fly, like stone, or marble, or granite, or to warp and expand, like iron once heated—never, by the way, to return to its former dimensions—and thereby force out the floors and walls. A fireman once inside, could fairly calculate, not only on the time the materials would afford him for working before they were altogether consumed, but also on their giving him…

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