Issue 23 and Volume 1895 18.

THE NEW WATER POWER AT MINNEAPOLIS. [Written for FIRE AND WATER.] ALTHOUGH the work upon the new water power at Minneapolis, which is to involve an expenditure of over a million dollars and is to add about 40 per cent, to the present water power facilities of that city, is nearly half completed, the enterprise has been carried forward so quietly that very few people outside of the “Flour City” have known what is being done. The Falls of St. Anthony upon the Mississippi river have a fall of seventy feet in a distance of less than half a mile. In 1850 this water power was partially developed by dams built by the St. Anthony Falls Water Power Company, who owned the east shore, and the Minneapolis Mill Company, who owned the west shore. These dams meet at the centre of the west channel of the river, and have been…

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