Issue 23 and Volume 1895 18.

WATER SUPPLY The death of Fred Ide Chaffee, of East Providence, R. I., is announced. He was seized with typhoid pneumonia and died on the evening of Thanksgiving Day. Mr. Ide, who was in his thirty-ninth year, was born at East Providence Centre, and had always lived within a few hundred feet of the house of his birth. He had always taken an active part in local and state politics and was appointed deputy sheriff of the county in 1887. In tbesame year he was appointed Postmaster of East Providence Centre, and this office be held until bis death. When the East Providence Fire District Water Works was authorized, lie was selected for superintendent, and this position also he retained, having been chosen superintendent under the private corporation, which has recently taken the works. Mr. Chaffee’s occupation of these public places was, however, but the surface indication of his general…

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