Issue 26 and Volume 1895 18.

WELLS Olympia, Wash,, has a well with a button that is gradually rising to the surface of the earth. A turbine wheel is to be installed by the Lockport, N.Y., Water Company, which can be run by the flow from the artesian well, and will pump twenty-live gallons of water per minute into the tank. The well at Longport is considered the most productive along the coast, ns it flows 100 gallons per minute nine feet above the level, and it is estimated that it will take seventy-five gallons pt r minute with a fall of nine feet to raise the other twenty-five gallons to the tank. Watertown, Minn., have had an artesian well drilled which is turning out a gusher. Water was reached at depth of 325 feet, in a great quantity,the flow beingat the rate of 500 gallons per minute all day. The well will besunkstill farther to…

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