Issue 2 and Volume 19.

SEWERS AND SEWER GAS J. W. Crary, in commenting a recent article by William Paul Gerhard, C. E., makes the following remarks on sewer building and sewer gas: “There is nothing that so much concerns the health of a city as perfect drainage and disposition of sewer gas. As yet, there is not a city in the world that can show a perfect system of drainage, so that sewers (with few exceptions) have been built too small, often badly built, and with insufficient grade or ‘fall’ to carry off the water. I need not cite instances of these facts. They have been too common to escape the notice of intelligent people. Some of the main troubles are that the city officials undertake to figure out just exactly the needed capacity of a sewer. If we grant that science can forecast the storms, God only can know just how great the…

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