Issue 2 and Volume 19.

WELLS At Lebanon, Pa., the twin wells just drilled are a success. They will supply the city with all the water it needs. The artesian well now in operation near the reservoirs of the Mount Carmel, Pa., Water Company on Locust mountain is flowing at the rate of 125 gallons per minute, 7,500 per hour, and 180,000 a day of twenty-four hours. Five years ago, the company started boring and left the drill. As they could not recover it, they started in another place and drove a hole through 650 feet of coal, securing only sulphurous waters; went down fifty feet, more, below the coal mines, inserting 6inch*casing, and withdrawing the water with a view to cementing the sliding vein and permitting further boring to the depth of an additional 800 feet. For the wall was substituted a casing, and through this 6-inch, a 5 and 5-8 bore was operated…

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