Issue 2 and Volume 19.

LAFAYETTE, IND., WATER WORKS. The report of Superintendent Edward Cunningham, of Lafayette, contains some interesting data in connection with the above works. The receipts were $26, 233.71; the operating expenses were $10,235.05. The other expenditures included pipe, $3,395, laying pipe, $1,898,08; attachments, $1,456.36; meters, $1,021.85; hydrants (of which there arc altogether 25g) and valves $862,49,etc. The engineer’s report is as follows: Total number of hours run for year, 6,468; average number of hours per day, 17 hours, 37 minutes; total number of gallons pumped during the year, 698,712,510; total number of gallons pumped per day, 1,914,280; total number of gallons pumped for each service per day, 941; total number of gallons pumped per capita per day, granting the population to be 18,000, 106. The fuel used is natural gas. Meter rates are as follows: For the first 15,000 gallons per month,20 cents;for the next 15,000 gallons pCT month 10 cents;…

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