Issue 2 and Volume 19.

PRINCIPAL FIRES OF THE WEEK. NOTE—The letter I represents insurance, and L, Loss, Numerals thousands of dollars. BUSINESS, Charlotte, N. C.; Business Blocks. L, $10. CHURCH, Alexandria, La.; St. Francis Xavier’s church. L, $15, I. 15. STORES Kansas City, Kas.; Sims’s department store. L, $37. BUSINESS, Des Moines, Ia.; stores etc. L, $57, 1, $30 BAKERY, etc., Buffalo,N. Y.; Van Vester’s bakery. L, $50. WAREHOUSE, Waco, Tex., Strauss’s hardware. L, $60, I, $4L STORES, Newburgh, N. Y.; Serviss’s furniture store, etc. L, $14, I, $8. CLUBHOUSE, Philadelphia, Merion Cricket club. L, 135, I, $75- HOTEL, Belfast, Me.; Crosby inn. L. 40, I, 25. HOTEL, Altoona, Pa.; Central hotel and stores. L, $140, I. 175- COAL BREAKER, Mahanoy City, I’a.; Park Colliery No. 2. L. §50, I. $50. FACTORY, Mobile,Ala.; Gulf Shingle Manufactory. L,$25. F’ACTORY, Salisbury, N. C.; Gaskill’s tobacco factory. I,, 10, I, $5, CLOTHING STORE, Owono, Mich.; Wicking and…

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