Issue 5 and Volume 19.

WELLS Truth is said to be hid in a well. Was it her coffin that a Greenup county, Ky., farmer recently drew up (alas, empty !) from the bottom of a well there? A sanitary authority, commenting on typhoid fever, says that a well 20 feet deep will drain a surface whose radius is 160 to 200 feet. At Seymour, Conn., an artesian well has just been completed. A pipe 7 inches in diameter was put down 61 feet, 41 feet of the distance being through solid rock. When water was reached the flow arose 20 feet in an abundance, pure and refreshing, cool and agreeable to the taste. ‘The well is capable of pouring forth four gallons a minute, with a supply that is inexhaustible. The Beaver Dam, Wis., water works have struck a big flow of water at a depth of 300 feet. The well yields 500 gallons…

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