Issue 5 and Volume 19.

PUMPING ENGINES An interesting example of the faculty with which electricity lends itself to the transmission of power will shortly be seen on the premises of Smith’s Dock Company, South Shields, England. There is at present there a floating dock, upon which are erected engines and pumps for the purpose of pumping out the water when it is desired to float a vessel. The boilers which supply the steam are, however, on the shore, the connection being made by flexible steampipes in a somewhat cumbrous and unsatisfactory manner. A new dock of the same type will be shortly installed; but in this case the power is to be transmitted from the shore by electric conductors. On the dock there will be erected eight eighteen-inch centrifugal pumps, each driven bv an independent motor of sixty brake horse power. The fan of the pump and the armature of the corresponding electric motor…

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