Issue 5 and Volume 19.

FIRE NEWS The use of chemical engines for putting out fires before they gain much headway has been so successful in Philadelphia that one-quarter of the fires in that city last year were extinguished by their means, and the engines, which were first regarded with contempt, are now highly esteemed. The fire commissioners of New Britain, Conn., have purchased an extra second-size La France engine and a Gleason & Bailey Aerial truck, A meeting of the board,together with Mayor Corbin, Chief Engineer Carleton, Engineer Harris, and Foreman Rawlings of hook and ladder company, was held last Tuesday evening. When representatives from all the leading manufacturers of engine and trucks had explained the merits of their respective machines, after a full and able discussion of each machine, it was unanimously voted to purchase the above mentioned machine through the agency of G. S. Richardson, to be delivered in ninety days. The…

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