Issue 5 and Volume 19.

BURLINGTON, VT., CITY WATER WORKS. Jan. 29, 1896. To the EDITOR: Since the recent successful sinking of two or three artesian wells of small capacity in the city, the plan which has twice before been investigated and abandoned of obtaining the city water supply in that manner has again cropped out, and this time under more than usually favorable conditions. Heretofore, when the matter has been up for consideration, the conclusion reached has been that the cost of a reasonably thorough experiment would be too great, and the chances ot satisfactory results too slim to warrant such use of public funds. We are now so fortunate as to have a mayor whose private purse is equal to his public spirit. Mayor Van I’atten has applied to the water commissioners for permission to sink an experimental well in the reservoir yard, which was, of course, granted. Though there seems to be…

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