Issue 5 and Volume 19.

NEW YORK S FIRE DEPARTMENT TO do full justice to New York’s unrivaled fire department would take volumes. Fortunately it is not necessary, as its sound has gone out into all lands, and its fame to the ends of the earth. A mere recapitulation of the work it did last year is sufficient to show what Chief Bonner and his band of fire-fighters accomplished during twelve months— after all, only an average year’s work. It includes the following; Number of fires, 3,940; confined to point of starting, 3,594; confined to building, 176; extended toother buildings, 58; not in buildings, 112, extinguished without engine stream, 2,765; extinguished with one engine stream, 851; extinguished with more than one engine stream, 342; resulting in nominal damage only, 1.770; buildings slightly damaged, 361; considerably damaged, 146; destroyed. 33; estimated loss, $3,115,431,00; insurance, $77,361,413.00; average loss per fire, $787.94; arrests for arson, etc., 26; tried,…

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