Issue 5 and Volume 19.

SEWERAGE The proposed outlet of the Bronx Valley, N, Y., sewer near High Island, does not meet with the approval of those in the neighborhood. They claim that, because of the position of High Island and the nature of tne ebb and flow tides, any sewage emptied in that vicinity would be sure to be drifted on the shore and prove a menace to the health of the people. Decatur, Ill., has passed an ordinance entailing special taxation for $70,000 for sewer improvements in the western part of the city. ‘The Bronx River sewer commissioners’ sub-committee on finances has recommended that the proportion of cost to be paid be 60 per cent, for New York city and 40 per cent, for Westchester County. More than 8,700 men were at work in the C hicago drainage canal during August, September, and October. The value of the regular and collateral work done…

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